A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Cellular Artificial Life Toybox! Place various cells and watch how they interact. There is no AI, just various degrees of attraction and repulsion, yet interesting behaviours pop up from time to time. (Some cells might self assemble into a coating around another cell and protect it from bonding with other things etc)

(note i'm not getting into reproduction and feeding etc yet - this sandbox lets you see what behaviours might emerge)

Update 2015/09/09- brighter colors with some post processing

Update 2015/09/10- Added new feature on some cells to firm a permament bond if they connect with the right cell - makes for some interesting formations!

Not sure where this is going yet, but i'm open for suggestions! @fivearchers on Twitter!

Install instructions

Just unpack and run! On the left you'll see a list of available cells, click a button, then click on the screen to place the cell. Acid removes blocks of cells.

Other keys:

ESC- exit
Backspace - reset
F5 - screenshot


microarium.zip 14 MB
microarium.app.zip 63 MB