A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Control a ragtag group of survivors in first person and get them from your failing base to the underground bunker one at a time. Oh Great, Spiders features procedurally generated voxel terrain, and an amazing goat character. Characters range from speedsters, to bomb slingers, to magic goats.

Made for TOJAM#10 yay!

Big thanks go out to Peter Chapman for the awesome tunes!

Install instructions

Download, unpack and run!

WASD to move

SHIFT to sprint (different characters can sprint for different lengths of time)
SPACE to Jump
Mouse to look
LMB to use weapon or special ability if available.

Choose a character. You'll spawn in a base, hop down (no fall damage..yet), and avoid or kill the spiders (you can't kill 'em all though..) and make it to the exit point (follow the bouncing hexagon...that doesn't actually bounce). Repeat until each character is dead or saved (then play again for a new map!)


Oh Great Spiders on the Windows 34 MB
Oh Great Spiders on my Apple 34 MB
Oh Great Spiders coming out of my Penguin 35 MB