A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

UPDATE: v1.1 released 2015/03/13! New creatures, new random events!

Hit the open road, build your fortune, and escape to a life of luxury...or die alone in some desert, your coins buried in the sands.

Trader's Road is an open world trading RPG. Travel from town to town buying and selling goods. Nurse your stamina to make sure you don't pass out in the middle of no where! And most important, earn gold! There are several ways to win, and many ways to die! I leave it to you to discover them!

Trader's Road features a procedurally generated world, so you get a new game every time you play!

You can try the demo in the browser here.

If you're interested in game development you may want to check the development spreadsheet, which shows hours worked - has a dev blog, budget and such.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorFive Archers Corporation
GenreRole Playing

Install instructions

Download and unpack the file, run the relevant executable file or app.

Controls are mouse/touch - just click where you want to go!

Goals/End Game
- make lots of money and achieve one of the win goals - eg: save up enough money to board the ship
- run out of Stamina and die
- run out of money and die poor

Rules and Gameplay:
Stamina - your life - when it gets to zero you're dead - ticks down while moving, when getting hurt etc. Don't forget to rest in towns!
Gold - this is what it's all about! Don't run out or you'll fail!
Goods - these are what you trade for gold. Buy in one town, sell in another (note you can't sell back goods to the same town, you sneaky person!)

- when your Stamina gets down to 1, you'll trade 1 good for 10 more stamina - or die soon if you have no goods.

- Stamina ticks down more slowly on roads and paths, so pay attention!
- make sure to rest in towns - and make sure you do that before blowing all your money on goods!


tradersroad_windows.zip 11 MB
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tradersroad_linux.tar.gz 14 MB
tradersroad_paid.apk 22 MB
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